Concrete Pumping & Finishing:

pumpingIs your project already formed and laid-out? When it comes time to place concrete, hire us to pump and finish the concrete. With our experience, no job is too complicated or too large. Take the burden of pouring concrete off your shoulders, and let us use our years of experience to insure a correct installation.

Pumping Rates:

  • 5.5sk. Blend Mix (most common)
    • 3 hour minimum @ $95.00/hour with $5.00/yard.
  • 6.0sk. - 3/8" Mix
    • 3 hour minimum @ $85.00/hour with $5.00/yard.

*Charge begins when our pump leaves the yard, and stops when we leave the site. We will not charge you for travel time both ways.

finishingFinishing Rates:

Depending on the size of the job, and the complexity of the finish, we will furnish the necessary labor and tools to provide you with a quality concrete installation. Price will be negotiated based on scope of work, selection of surface finish, use of sealers/color, and special applications.